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Pete Ticconi joins Columns Fundraising

Columns Fundraising is pleased to announce that Pete Ticconi has joined our team as Senior Consultant and Gift Planning Coach

Pete started his career in philanthropy at Northfield Mt. Hermon School, shortly after graduating from St. Lawrence University in 1969. Moving on to Syracuse University he quickly focused on gift planning, with his career including positions at St, Lawrence University, Connecticut College, Williams College, Johns Hopkins University and Babson College. Most recently, he was Executive Director, Gift Planning, and Senior Philanthropic Advisor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he was very busy! When Campaign Georgia Tech concluded in early 2016 with just over $1.8 billion raised, 45 cents of every dollar contributed by individuals came from a planned gift. Pete also served as a First Lieutenant in the Army, stationed in West Germany, and was a Captain in the Army Reserves until 1980. He and his wife, Janet, have 3 adult children and 10 (yes, that's right -- 10!) grandchildren!

If you need to convince your Board that a gift planning program should be included in your capital campaign; if you need expertise to upgrade an existing gift planning program; or if you need a resource to guide you through building a new gift planning effort to accelerate your major gift program, Pete can help. He can be reached by email at pete@columnsfundraising.com,or by phone at 404-683-4117.

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